Tax Services for Private Individuals

For private individuals we render the following services, among others:

  • tax planning concerning income tax
  • tax planning concerning inheritance and gift tax
  • planning and implementation of change of generation in family owned enterprises
  • preparing tax returns
  • preparing appeals and claims
  • correspondence with the tax administration and the Courts
  • applying for preliminary rulings and decisions from the tax administration


Are you planning a cross-border move?

A cross-border move is often a plan or at least a dream of many individuals during the career or after retiring. Related to a move, there are many risks concerning tax and social security that need to be solved. We provide you all the assistance you need when you are planning move to Finland or from Finland to abroad. We assist you concerning all the registrations, get all the required statements from authorities and provide you advice, how to minimize tax burden.

Please download our brochures (in Finnish) concerning moving abroad and moving to Portugal.

Verotus ja muutto ulkomaille Portugali - miellyttävän verotuksen maa